Well, treatment was yesterday.  One down 15 to go! It all started fine – I had my iPad and my Mom and John, what more could I ask for given the situation? Well, I even had a nurse named Tammy.  Made for some interesting moments as we heard Tammy come here at random times and I couldn’t figure out if they needed me or her!  We made jokes as we usually do because my family handles things with sarcasm and laughter before we get angry and upset. Not sure how they felt about it in the beginning, but before the 3 hours was up they were laughing with us.

I go get my port put in on Monday July 9, so what that means is that I had to have an IV yesterday.  Which I was certain I could handle.  Well, she stuck me the first time and ran the first dose of battery acid then my arm went completely numb and tingly. So she decided that it was necessary to run another line before giving me the second of my acid trips.  Ran that line all  was good, ran the meds and guess what?  My arm felt like someone had hit it with a ball bat when that round was done.  After some testing and figuring, she decided that another line needed to be ran before the third and final acid trip was run. Ran that and all was good.  Nothing like 3 IV’s for 3 meds in 3 hours.

So, basically when we got home I was running around feeling all tingly and stupid.  I could run a marathon but not say my own name!  Weirdest thing ever!  Then I hit the wall hard.  I could only be up for about 10 minutes, then I had to sit down and my stomach felt weird but not sick.  Took my meds and really just got more tired so I decided to go to bed! This is so much different than the last time that it was so unexpected.  I decided this can not be how this is gonna go or I am not gonna make it through!  I can’t be down and out for the next 21 weeks – the effects on my mental state will be outrageous, I don’t remain still for21 minutes, much less 21 weeks.

I have been drinking water by the gallons!  Good news is that it has cut down my Pepsi consumption by more than half!  Bad news is I think between the steroids and the water I gained about 10000 pounds!

Today I go back for my shot of steroids. bring on the stupid again!  Than I think it’s time for a nap!

have a great day –