Monday April 15th  – Roxy is having surgery to put in her port.  Having a port makes treatment much easier as they don’t have to run an IV each time they just access the port to run any medication she needs.

Roxy is an active 9 year old girl. She enjoys softball, cheerleading and hanging out with her friends. Over the past year she has been having some pain, at times intense pain, in her lower back. After countless trips to doctors, specialists, and chiropractors the pain has not receded. Roxy was in so much pain recently they took her to the ER. At that time she was transferred to Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital were she was diagnosed with an Ewing Tumor. This is a form of cancer, while rare, commonly effects children and it starts in the soft tissue usually in the pelvis. This is exactly what happened to Rox, the tumor is at the base of her spine and wrapped around her pelvis. She is facing surgery, chemo and radiation for (as of now) what looks to be about 12 months. Roxy is a great big sister to a 2 year old sisiter and a loving daughter to Scott and Stacey! Stacey will be taking off work to care for Roxy as she goes on this incredible journey and fights the ultimate fight to beat cancer so they are going to need your help!!

Tammy’s Friends is planning a fundraising event to be held in the near future as well as sponsoring a runner for the Cleveland Experience Marathon to help raise money for the family. We will be sending meals to the family as well. Please join us in helping Roxy and her family!

The family has requested that people send prayers, jokes and funny stories as they are keeping a positive attitude and need to laugh and make Roxy laugh too!!


Please help if you can – by donating below or contact us to see others ways to help.

Here is a link to a preliminary flyer

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  1. Budowanie - serwis

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