Today was a good day for Roxy. She had her medi-port put in. It’s basically like a central line that they can access any time she has treatment or they need to take blood. She won’t have to get IV’s anymore with it in. It’s sore, but I can already see how helpful it is – we don’t have to call a nurse in to unhook her IV any time she wants to change clothes.

She also had bone marrow taken for a biopsy. They have said all along that they didn’t think the cancer had gone into her marrow, but they had to rule it out. The quick-read on the bone marrow looks good so that’s one less thing to worry about.

She came out of surgery today with flying colors. No complaining about her throat, not super groggy like she was after the biopsy, and no tummy problems (the biopsy surgery wasn’t great for her). She didn’t even nap the rest of the day. She was up and talking all day.

Up next tomorrow is a PET scan and/or bone scan. I can’t remember if there are 2 different things or if they are the same thing. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow. They do have to put her to sleep for the scan, though, because she can’t lay on her back. Once those are done and we get the absolute final results that it’s Ewings (they have to go through a bunch of testing to confirm), we can finally start on the treatment. I know it is going to be hard, but at least we will feel like we are doing something to get rid of it. The doctors seem optimistic that she will start feeling pain relief after the first few chemo treatments.

Thank you to everyone for everything you are doing to help us. This experience has really showed me how wonderful people are and how many friends we have. It makes everything so much easier knowing how many people are pulling for Roxy.

More updates coming as we go. Thanks Tammy for setting me up here. I like it!

12 comments on “Update on Roxy – good day!

  1. Krystle Suszter


    by sheer accident my mother stumbled upon this little update via a friend on facebook…. shocked and sad hearted to see this. Feel free to email me / call me / etc for whatever you may need. Also, I’m actually an oncology nurse now, so feel free to run anything you may have questions about past me too 🙂

    so much love!!

  2. Jennifer Sage

    Hugs to Roxy and your family! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Tell Roxy Amelia is thinking of her.

  3. Stephanie

    My name is Stephanie, I live in les, my daughters love roxy!!! The triplets go to latchkey with her:) if you need anything at all please ask! We are all here for you. Take one day at a time and when you can’t take anymore lean on any of us, that’s what we are here for!! You are in our daily thoughts and prayers. I’m a registered nurse, I work part-time, i would be more than happy to help on my days off if you need me!!

  4. Kathy Bell

    Hi Stacy…I just found out about Roxy…If there is anything you or she needs please let me know…Now that I am retired I have lots of free time…I can help with anything. Please tell Roxy I hope the pain gets better real soon! Lots of prayers are coming your way!

  5. Patty Strnad

    Glad to hear Roxy had a good day! Please tell her that the Strnad’s are all thinking about her and wishing that she feels better real soon!

  6. Jessica buttari

    Hi roxy alli wants me to tell you that u have something special coming from your class! They all are concerned about you! Hang in there kiddo! You got this!

  7. Teri Zito

    I just heard about Roxy yesterday. I’m glad today was a good day. Positive thoughts! I truly believe in the power of prayer. You and your family are in our prayers. One day at a time.

  8. Bobbi Reale

    Lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way from the Reales 🙂

  9. Belinda Grassi

    Thanks for the update Stacey. I’ll keep people posted for sure. Hang in there!

  10. Kerry Rabquer

    Was wondering if Roxy would be up for a visit tomorrow? Happen to have the day off —-and looking for something fun to do.

  11. Tammy

    No problem Stacey!!! Glad everything went OK today for you guys!! Thinking of you all the time and remember I’m only a text away, anytime, if you have any questions or just need to vent!!! Love you guys! Tell Brie me and Meemaw miss her and she can visit anytime!!

  12. Heather Lastoria

    Hugs to Roxy from us tonight!