For those of you keeping track, as of Monday i had only 4 treatments left to go.  You would think yay me – except for the fact that 4 days prior I was hospitalized with pneumonia.  Apparently, chemo would kill the antibiotic so they doc decide to skip a treatment.  Normally I would just roll with it, but NOT this time.  I had a plan, my treatments were supposed to be over on November 12, giving me a couple weeks to get my mouth back in working order and my totally turkey day appetite back.  Now, not so much!!  Doc refused treatment so here I am on Tuesday, should be posting about 3 left and no, still posting about 4!

The week has sucked anyway!  Besides my treatment being cancelled, a relative lost their job, my Grandfather passed away, another relative was put in the hospital, John’s Mom continues to be in the hospital (however doing better every day).  Not sure how much yuck a person is supposed to handle in such a short time, but this family is about at their limit!  I can’t think of the last time I had something good to report to anyone.  I pray to God every day that something good happens to ANYONE – I’m almost afraid to answer my phone and door  because I am scared of what news I may receive on the other end.

I know it could be worse, but sometimes when the Universe piles a load of poop on you all at once, it’s hard to think that way.  Fortunately I am the kind of person that can laugh at anything so lately I have been giggling my head off! Humor is the key to getting through anything!

Keep your chin up and laugh at what life throws at you, because if you are not laughing all that is left is crying and that just isn’t any fun!


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Last Modified: October 23, 2012

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  1. Cory

    OK so I’ve officially moved Thanksgiving to November 29th for the entire US. If The Pope can allow people to eat meat during lent because of St Patrick’s day, I can move Thanksgiving!