Thank you to everyone that sent prayers and good thoughts and virtual hugs etc.  It obviously paid off!  The doc said he thinks he got it all out and that he didn’t think there was anything in the surrounding area! Yeah me! We still have to wait for the pathology reports to make it official, but for now I am hanging my hat on that!!

I have to call the oncologist tomorrow and see what happens next.  Originally, he had mentioned that chemo would be almost definite, but maybe if the pathology comes back OK we can avoid it. So please don’t stop the prayers and stuff we still have a little way to go!

After I talk to the doc tomorrow I will post and let everyone know where we are at and what direction we are going.

Thanks again – Love ya-


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Last Modified: June 17, 2012

5 comments on “Rounding Third and Heading Home

  1. Jenn Reed

    What did oncologist say?

  2. Lynette Olson

    Praying for no chemo and the fact that they got it all. Tell your family we said hi.

  3. Jackie Cummins

    Good news! Will keep praying and sending positive thoughts into the universe for you, Tammy!

  4. Donna

    Tam, still praying for no chemo! Loved watching J swim yesterday! Hope John had a great Father’s Day!

    1. Olivia

      First step would be throwing out the videos of cartoons and fairy tales and teaching children the morals of Am;eaci&#39rs founders… When I see a movie based on Superman instead of Abe.. my blood boils..