One more night in the hospital and then back home for 10 days (as long as her counts stay good and she doesn’t get sick).
We really need to get home. Roxy and I are sick of this place. She’s bored and sick of people messing with her and tired of the nasty food.
I am so sick of ignorant people that I could scream. I love the nurses and doctors here but the security people, food service workers, valets, etc. are some of the most annoying, rude, obnoxious people I have ever met in my life. They are starting to make me hate this place. It’s really unfortunate because the people who are actually important here (doctors, nurses, aides) are awesome!
Ok anyway – getting back to what’s important. Roxy is really doing well. She is handling the chemo really well. She was able to enjoy her birthday yesterday and she is really in pretty good spirits considering she is stuck in this tiny room all day. She wanted me to thank everyone who sent her a card and/or gift for her birthday. She was absolutely overwhelmed with all the cards from around the country. It definitely helped make her birthday even more special.
I guess that’s it. Can’t wait to get home tomorrow!
Thanks again everyone!

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    you could get your articles translated into other languages you know

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      davethomas Posted on I am sure there are good reasons we have not had any new video blogs. I hope wevteahr it is does not have anyone sick?