I’m writing this blog while I sit in the hospital. We came in yesterday for an overnight chemo. We should be able to go home today around 12. We have 10 more chemos left – 4 outpatients, 3 overnights, and 3 5 day stays. That means about 13 more weeks if there are no setbacks for low blood counts or fevers. Since there are always setbacks, we are looking at more like 16-18 weeks. It’s still a long way off, but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
As most of you know, we had some great news last week. Roxy’s PET scan showed no active cancer cells in her body. That means that the tumor didn’t spread anywhere else and is most likely completely dead. While we are really happy about the news, it is a cautious celebration. The road ahead is still tough. Chemotherapy continues as scheduled because there could be cancer cells too small to be detected by the PET scan. So, we will still be dealing with low blood counts and worrying about fevers and infections. Knowing that the treatment is working makes it a little easier though and it’s a good feeling to know when this is all over, we will be done and Roxy will be cancer-free and can get back to enjoying life as a 9-year-old.
It looks like we will be able to go to the clam bake next weekend. I’m so thankful to Tammy Guinan for organizing such an awesome event. I really hope lots of friends and family are there since we haven’t seen anyone in a long time. I know Roxy is looking forward to getting out of the house and seeing some friends. As long as she doesn’t get a fever, we will be there. Hopefully we can see some of you there.
Thanks again to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, positive thoughts, gifts, meals, etc. And a HUGE thank you to the Hale Road PTO and everyone who went to Chick Fil-A for the fund raiser. We are so thankful for the money everyone raised and donated. The longer I am on leave and paying my own health insurance, the tougher things get for us.
Take care, hug he ones you love, and don’t take anything for granted. Love to you all!