Well, treatment today was a little on the fence for a while.  I had to go in and have a chest X-Ray before I could have treatment and depending on the results whats whether or not I got treatment.

OK, so I got stuck with the nutty nurse again today.  She asked me if I had any swelling in my feet, I said “no”, she said “please take off your shoes so I can verify.” OK, am I 4 and she thinks I was lying? Then she made me take off my hoodie so she could access my port.  Really?! NO ONE else has ever made me do that!  She then asked if I had got any sores in my mouth and when I said “no” she made me open my mouth to “verify”. Again – REALLY?! Then we told her she had to keep my blood warm to get an accurate count – she comes back and says my platelet count is too low, I said that is normal when you don’t keep it warm, they clump.  She says – oh my I forgot that!  OK, so I will say it again – REALLY?! She also doesn’t like that I sleep and continuously wakes me up!  Sorry if I snore, but hey, drug induced naps are pretty powerful things! Then she tells me my skin is way to dry and I need to continue to drink my 9 bottles of water a day and gave me a lecture on the difference between lotion and cream and what to put on my lips.  UUGH – just run the meds and be quiet!!

So anyway, the doc comes in and asks how i am doing – I tell him I would let him know when he told me if I could have treatment.  He said the X-Ray shows I still have pneumonia but it could be 6 weeks before that goes away completely.  So in a bit of a panic, thinking he is gonna tell me I have to wait 6 weeks for treatment, he says it’s OK to treat today and he gave me the option for maybe cutting off the last treatment, if I remain healthy!!  WOO HOO – schedule could still be in tact!!!

So I ate my fruit salad and Meems made me Chinese coleslaw (best stuff in the world) and the cool nurse came in and saw me eating healthy stuff and she said that I must be not well because I wasn’t eating chocolate and pringles.  Little did she know that I had a Ho-Ho stash in my bag to eat when no one was looking!! I just wanted to make them feel like I was giving it a try to stay healthy. ha ha ha ha!

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the events of today!!