I usually try to keep these blog posts positive, but I guess there is no sense in only posting when things are going well.
This weekend has not been as good as last weekend. Luckily we are home and Roxy hasn’t had a fever. Those are definitely the worst things. Unfortunately, she has been exhausted and is having some unfortunate tummy side effects from chemo. I’m guessing that her white blood cell count is still low – that usually makes her really tired. We also have a sleeping problem. Roxy can’t sleep in a bed because of the tumor. She isn’t comfortable laying flat, so she sleeps in the recliner in our living room. I sleep on the couch next to her. The problem is that she has a hard time going to sleep before me. She’s still young enough that she fights sleep because she feels like she is going to miss something. Even though I try to go to bed early, sometimes I lay there awake and talk to Scott and that keeps her up. And she fights napping during the day, so times when her counts are low and she’s tired are pretty tough. She also has some nasty radiation burns on her back and stomach. Radiation makes your skin kind of sunburned on the areas that they give it to you. Roxy also had a biopsy done on her tumor through her back and bone marrow biopsies done through her back into her hip bones. When the radiation burns started bothering her, she started scratching at her back and tore off the scabs from all the biopsies so now she has raw skin on some of the “sunburned” areas. We got some healing pads from radiation, but it’s still pretty painful and itchy for her. It’s just another thing that makes her uncomfortable. It’s so awful that the treatment for cancer causes so much more pain and discomfort. I hate that.
Tomorrow we have the day off for Memorial Day – no radiation. Tuesday we go back for radiation and to check her blood counts. Our next chemo will be the 5 day hospital stay. We don’t know when it will happen yet because of her blood counts, but we are all dreading it. Roxy hates being there because the food sucks. I tried bringing food with us last time, but she got tired of the same stuff after a few days. She gets bored there too and she gets chemo every day. It’s just not fun for anyone.
Ok, so there is my negative blog. I guess it’s only fair to let all of you know the super crappy parts of cancer, and it makes me feel better to be able to let it out. Thank you all for everything, and please appreciate and love your kids more than anything. Never take what you have for granted and teach your kids to believe in the goodness of others. We are all so lucky for the good people in our lives – never take that for granted.

2 comments on “Need some zzzz’s

  1. Peggy Youdath

    As you know it is quite alright and real to share your negative experiences…it is just so hard to go through this cancer journey. I have never experienced it , but God know I may. Yes, we need to tell our children and ourselves that there are so many good and caring people in this world. Thank God for that too ! Hang in there ….love Peggy

  2. John Guinan

    Remember it’s a journey…… and you will find that the rough times will make you appreciate every other time. And the rough times do end and you and Scott and Roxy will be better for it. But yes it does suck a lot but do not let it consume you… keep moving forward