Today was a rough day. Roxy’s tummy was upset all night (too many meds I think), so she was awake a lot. And the DVD player in her room broke which is pretty devastating to an 8 year old going through everything she is.

Today she slept most of the day and had her bone scan. They had to put her to sleep for the scan because she has to lay on her back. She was a little angry when she woke up. The poor kid is just tired of being put to sleep and constantly being tired.

But, the good news for the day … the bone scan showed NO OTHER TUMORS!!!! It’s awesome news because it seems to be contained to the place on her spine. The PET scan tomorrow or Thursday will confirm that.

Thanks again to everyone for everything. The outpouring of support from everyone in our community is just amazing. We feel so blessed to have all of you in our lives. Thank you all so much.

More posts will be coming soon. We are hoping to start chemo in the next few days and then be home on Monday for several days until we have to go back in for the next round of chemo.

Oh and most importantly, the DVD player is fixed. Ha ha!!!

Love to all of you!

5 comments on “More good news

  1. Peggy Youdath


    I am thinking and praying for you , Roxy and your family daily!
    Lots of happy wishes are coming your way !!!
    Love you all,
    Peggy Y

  2. The Wade's

    We are thinking of Roxy and your family everyday. Alexis wants to set up a ‘text date’ again shortly. She really loved the zombie app pictures Roxy sent.

  3. Amie

    Lots of prayers and happy thoughts are being sent continuously. Tell Roxy that Taylor says hello and she hopes to see her soon.

  4. Valerie

    Thinking of you all every day and keeping Roxy in our prayers

  5. Jen Segulin

    Thinking of you guys and saying nightly prayers for Roxy. If we can help with anything please let us know. We’ll work on some good jokes!