We had a little bit of a set-back today. Roxy’s white blood cell count isn’t high enough to have another round of chemo. We have to keep doing the neupogen shots today and Wednesday then go for more blood work Wednesday after radiation. Hopefully her counts will be high enough by then that she can have chemo and we can be admitted Thursday or Friday. We are all hoping that she can be admitted during the week. We all love our weekends of sleeping in and spending time with the four of us all together.
Today is Scott’s birthday and Roxy was really upset that she couldn’t go anywhere and get him a birthday present. She is so sweet. Luckily we have a ton of craft kits that people have given her. She made him a shell bracelet (it’s a lot more manly than it sounds – ha ha) and a sand art vase for him to put on his desk at work. She felt a little better, but I think she was still a little disappointed that she couldn’t buy him something. We’ve decided that when Roxy beats this, we are going to have a huge party to celebrate all the little family holidays we missed along the way.
I’m sure that some of you saw my Facebook post about people staring at Roxy when we go through the hospital. Thanks for all the humorous responses. As I was trying to sleep the other night, I thought a lot about it and I’ve come to the conclusion that childhood cancer is just too much for some people to deal with. I’ve noticed even with some people I know who seem to avoid me or look the other way when I see them. I know it isn’t that they don’t care or that they are unkind. I think people just don’t know what to do or say and when they see a child with cancer, it becomes very real. I think that’s why kids and even teenagers (I love my students) are so much more accepting. They aren’t parents so they don’t see Roxy and think, “that could be my child.” So, thank you to all of you who stay in touch with me, send me funny things, bring us dinner, help us out, etc. I have gained so many friends through this whole experience. I have also realized how many amazing people are in our neighborhood and community. Thank you all!
Have a great evening and pray for white blood cells!
Love to all,

2 comments on “Little set-back

  1. Tammy Shaffer

    Just reading your blog keeps us connected and constantly thinking of you all. I want to send a huge HUG for today.
    Love, Tammy

  2. Marisa Ross

    Hello Stacey,

    I am James Burkhammer’s mom, he’s in Roxy’s class. He said to me today the when Roxy beats this she will be so happy and so will they because the whole class misses her a lot. She will beat this and we are praying for her everyday and all of you also. We pray for her white blood count and that all goes well with that. She is truly an inspiration to us and so are you. God Bless you all.

    With Love,
    Marisa Ross