We came home yesterday and it is soooo nice to be home. Roxy was really nervous about coming home, but once we were here, she was very happy to be home. It’s just so nice to have the 4 of us in the same place.
Roxy is on a crazy amount of medications, and I have to give them all through her feeding tube. It’s was definitely intimidating on the first day, but I’m feeling a lot more comfortable about it already. Luckily, my crazy obsession with organization helps with this.
Today, we went back for radiation in the morning. Everything went well with that and we were back home early. Tomorrow will be a longer day. We will go to radiation and then we go to the outpatient clinic for chemo. That will take a while, but we still get to come home afterward. I’m a little nervous about how Roxy will feel after the chemo, but we have meds here so hopefully we can manage everything.
Roxy has been eating a lot better since we got home. I am so thankful to Tammy Guinan for setting up the meal train. I can focus my attention on cooking food for Roxy and not worry at all about what the rest of us will eat. Tonight we had an amazing dinner of stromboli and salad from Patti Strnad. It was delicious and much appreciated.
Also, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has sent gifts for Roxy. I was trying to keep a list of everything so that I could send thank you notes to everyone, but to be honest, I lost track of it. Please know that if you sent something, we got it and appreciate it a lot.
At this point, things are going pretty well and I’m very thankful for the time we have at home. From what the doctors have told us, this treatment is pretty intense. I know it’s only a matter of time before her blood counts drop and we have to go back for transfusions. They also seem to be pretty sure that we will also be back a lot for fevers. I can’t lie – I’m nervous about those things. I’m nervous about what’s coming up next. I’m just trying to focus on today and to be thankful for good days. I’m also really worried about telling Roxy that she will lose her hair. We haven’t talked about that at all yet. We know that we need to, but we also know that it will crush her. She loves her long hair. She’s finally feeling a little better and not so depressed. I’m just afraid to kill her spirit again. We will get there and it will just be another hurdle along the way.
Thanks again to everyone for everything. Scott mentioned today that he couldn’t imagine any of this if we lived in our old neighborhood and community. We are so lucky to be where we are and have all the support that we have here. We are amazed and thankful for all of you every day.
Hug your kids and always remember that family and friends are more important than anything else.
I love you all!