Hey everyone!

in 2008 I was diagnosed with HER2-NU + breast cancer. It was diagnosed at a stage 3 aggressive.  Now the cancer has come back in just 4 short years-

Hope this is Ok with you all to get info cause the whole FB thing is fun, but not the place for this I don’t think.  Well, today was the PET scan and as far as scans go, it was pretty good.  The doc called me and told me that the cancer, for now is contained to that specific area.  I have to go see a surgeon tomorrow.  We have to schedule a time to have this, whatever it is, removed.  Once the surgeon is in there he will make sure that there is nothing around the area and have what he takes out tested.  After that, my oncologist said I will not have many options and it looks like another round of chemo cocktails for me! While everyone is saying that is good news, and I agree it could have been worse, from where I sit it still sucks! Why would I willingly allow them to run battery acid through my veins for a second time, if it didn’t work the first time?  I gotta think there is a better way!  My hair finally came back and I really don’t want to go through that again! For those who say I am so strong, I really am a sissy girl and not looking forward to that!  But, much like the last time we will hurry up and wait to see what the future holds.  I will continue to try to figure out what went wrong and when, and wait for some doctor to tell me what my future holds.

Hope you found the blog page OK and feel free to comment as this is where the updates will be from now on.  Funny, this is the non-profit we tried to start the last time I got cancer and it never really took off like we had hoped it would, talk about ironic!!!

Please keep the prayers coming as I am far from out of the woods!

Love to all –


5 comments on “Here We Go Agian

  1. Melissa Ceepo

    We are sending lots of prayers and streangth your way!!

  2. liz puffenbarger

    Tammy, many prayers for you and your family.

  3. Jenn Reed

    Love you, Tammy!

  4. Barb & Eric

    By the way, love the blog idea. 🙂

  5. Barb & Eric

    We know it’s not a great place for you & your family to be, but we are glad to hear it is only on one place. Lots of positivity & prayers to you & your family.