Hello again everyone. Thanks to all of you who are following this blog and thanks again to Tammy for giving me a place to write everything.
Today was our second day at home. Being home is definitely good for the mind, body, and appetite. Roxy has been eating like a pig since we got here. She has had a steak for lunch and crab legs for dinner both days. She has also been eating a ton of ice cream. That should definitely pack on the pounds. I haven’t been able to do the tube feeds as much as they want me to, but how can I when she is eating so much? I think the nutritionist and I have differing opinions when it comes to eating and tube feeds.
Roxy has had a braid in her hair for a week (washing hair with a mediport accessed is not worth the time). Today she asked me to take the braid out and cut her hair. She said she wanted it really short since it was going to fall out anyway. When I tried to take the braid out, a lot of the hair was matted, so I started cutting it. Once I got the matted hair cut out, everything else just started falling out. She has a little bit of hair left in a few places, but it’s mostly gone. It’s so unbelievable that chemo can kill so much. I really hope that some day cancer research leads to a drug that can kill cancer cells without killing blood cells, hair cells, and bone marrow.
As always, Roxy took the hair loss like a champ. We ordered some silly fun wigs and she put on a bandana that was given to her by another girl who had cancer. She loves the bandana. I don’t think she’s going to like the wigs and I know she doesn’t like hats, so I’m thinking bandanas may be our best friends.
Tomorrow we go back for radiation and it will be the half-way mark for radiation. Yea! Then we go to check blood counts and have outpatient chemo. It’s a long day but at least we get to come home.
Roxy is tolerating all of this like a champ. She has her moments, but usually she is in good spirits and hardly complains at all. I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of her.
Thank you to everyone who sent her a birthday card, get well card, and/or gift. I am amazed by how many things she has received. Also, I know some people want to send gifts but don’t know what to send. I think that amazon gift cards may be the best gifts in the world for Roxy. She’s becoming an online shopper like me, and it’s hard to tell what will keep her entertained as we move forward. Gift cards will let her get the things she wants as she starts feeling better. We also buy a ton of amazon instant movies, so amazon money is like gold in our house.
Thanks again to all of you. Your love and support are incredible and I am thankful for all of you.
Hug your loved ones and sleep well tonight.
Love you all!