Hopefully most of you saw the pictures I posted on Facebook from this weekend. It was amazing. Roxy was outside both days. She wanted to try out the swing and was really happy when she realized it didn’t hurt. She also played in the sandbox with her sister (which pretty much made Brie’s day). We had a bit of a rough night last night with some tummy problems, but it didn’t take away from the wonderful weekend.
Back to radiation every day this week. We only have 8 more radiation treatments. Roxy and I will be happy not to drive to Cleveland at 7 every day, but we will also miss the people there.
We go back to the oncology clinic Thursday for blood work. Hopefully she won’t need any transfusions, but since her platelets were already low before the last chemo, I’m guessing she’ll need some.
It was nice that she was able to play with some friends this weekend. Her white blood counts will probably start to drop in the next day or so which means we will be back in quarantine status.
Our next chemo is outpatient, so hopefully we won’t be back in the hospital until late next week or early the following week – pray for no sickness and no fevers.
Thanks again to all of you! I hope everyone else was able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.