Today was a long day – 6 1/2 hours at the hospital, but it was well worth it. Before we left, we got the preliminary results from the MRI. There has been a “significant” decrease in the size of Roxy’s tumor. The part on her spine has also decreased, and the spinal nerves are improved with less of the mass on them. The nerves also appear to be in better position. There are also no new areas of the tumor, so it hasn’t spread at all.
This is the best news we could have hoped for! The tumor is shrinking which means the chemo and radiation are working. It’s fantastic!
The tumor board will meet next week and discuss the option of surgery, but with the reaction the tumor has had to the chemo, surgery is very unlikely.
So we have a few weeks off (hopefully) and then back at it for 22 more weeks. It’s a little easier, though, since we know that this is working. We have seen improvement in her but it’s so nice to have it backed up with medical evidence.
Also, the effects of the radiation should be starting to wear off now, so Roxy will have a little more energy and her blood counts may bounce back a little faster. That is also great news.
And she didn’t need a transfusion today and unless she gets a fever, she won’t have to go back until Monday (more blood work, possible transfusion, and an ECHO in preparation for the new chemo drug they add in this round). Having the rest of the week and the weekend at home is going to be so nice!
Clearly all your prayers and positive thoughts are working. Please keep sending them our way. Hug your loved ones tight and never take them for granted.
We love you all!