Well, this has been a much better hospital stay than last time. I think we were more prepared this time. We brought more food and things to keep ourselves busy. We also knew what to expect a little more. Or maybe we’re just getting used to it. I just know that we were all in a much better mood and it went much faster than last time.
We got a few pieces of good news too. They were able to push up Roxy’s chemo every day so we can go home tomorrow!!! It will be later in the day, but we get to go home. YEA!! Also, the occupational and physical therapists came in and did an evaluation. They gave us some exercises to do at home to work on strengthening Roxy’s muscles. They also gave Roxy a walker which is awesome because now she will be able to get around the house on her own and it forces her to use a lot of muscles and walk upright. They have also totally weaned Roxy off of the steroid she was taking for inflammation. Next, they will start weaning her off of the nerve drug she takes to stop the tingling she was getting in her leg. Hopefully, the chemo and radiation have shrunk or killed the tumor enough that she won’t need that drug any more. In my opinion, the less she takes, the better.
Also, the skin on her back is looking a lot better. The blisters are gone. She has some raw skin and it is still pretty painful, but the cream is definitely working and tomorrow is her last radiation, so after that it should heal pretty quickly.
So, it has really been 5 pretty good days – as good as it gets in the hospital anyway.
Tomorrow evening we will all be home and together again – yea!!! Then we just hope that she doesn’t get sick or get a fever. If she doesn’t, our next hospital stay will just be overnight for chemo. We won’t be back for another 5 days for about a month. YEA!!!! Good news all around.
Thanks again to everyone for sending us positive thoughts and prayers!
Love to all of you!

One comment on “Going home tomorrow!

  1. robin carlson

    Hey Roxy, I don’t miss you feeling bad but do miss you hanging out with me in the clinic and seeing your smile when you wern’t feeling so bad. Sounds like you are being a real trooper along with your wonderful family. I Think about you alot and enjoy reading your blog, especially all the good news we have been hearing. I hope you have alot of sunshine in your life over the summer and I will continue to read your blog……It is field day here at school today and a perfect day weather day so far, hopefully not too much sunburn incidents. Other than that not alot going on other than everyone counting down the days until Thursday. You take care and looking forward to the day when you will be back at Hale Road……Mrs. Carlson 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂