OK, so I go in for my treatment on Monday. Which they changed from 10:30 am to 8:30 am, ewww yuck right off the bat!  I had to meet with the doctor first so he could go over what was going on and what was going to happen in the next few weeks etc.  So he asks if I have had any issues or anything different from the last treatment, I said that I had these blotches on my arms and neck that seemed a little odd.  He took a look at them and said that I have become photosensitive. I of course said that was cool with me cause I hate photos anyway and especially now that I have no hair.  He chuckled and stated that what I have become is over sensitive to the sun.  I replied how much that sucked being as it’s the middle of summer!  He looked me dead in the face and said “I’m really glad you think that is the only thing that sucks about this – I guess I will put in your chart that you are handling treatment well.”  Then he just laughed and got serious.  He said after this next treatment we will be talking about some other options.  He said there are some trials and new meds out that we can discuss, he also wants to talk about radiation, which I am not really fond of.  We radiated there before and I have heard that there can be several different complications if you radiate the same area twice.  But, I need to get through the next round and go from there.  One step at a time!! 3 down and 13 to go!

I also decided that I was going to keep track of what I do before, during and after chemo and see which things make me feel better and worse etc.  Well, during my second treatment, Melissa and I ate big salads with meat and eggs and all kinds of stuff in them and I really think I did the best after that round than any other.  This time it was to early in the am to eat a salad so Mom and I ate peanut butter crackers and other snack food and went to eat after – but this treatment I went in totally exhausted.  J had swim meets all weekend and I was up at 5:30 both Sat and Sun and at the pool basically all day, then came home to try to catch up on laundry and stuff and stayed up late.  I think I have decided that going in exhausted is not a good plan!!  I have been more tired a lot sooner this time than any other.  I also don’t know if inhaling a Giant Painni with fries and slaw on top was a great plan for immediately following chemo!  Boy it was a good sandwich though and I wouldn’t trade that – I just need to alter my meds and sleep a little more! Some things are worth a little discomfort.

Thanks again to all those who are helping us out with snacks and food and stuff – my kids are actually surprising me and eating all kinds of different things and I have got some really good ideas of stuff to make once I can start cooking on a regular basis again –

Love –