Well, we had a fantastic weekend!  Started out with Anthony playing his last baseball game and getting 2 hits and a trophy!  He got his first trophy ever and was so proud of it!  Then J had a swim meet and she swam in three events and dropped a combined 9 seconds and qualified for 2 more Jr. Olympic events!  Then on Sunday, we told the kids that we would take them shopping, for what could be my last weekend for a while that I feel like shopping, and they could use their gift cards that they have been saving for like a year.  We mentioned to them that if they combined them all they could probably get something really cool.  Well, that started their brains working and they decided they had enough money to get a small, but pretty awesome pool!! So of course we do some research and found a good deal and they bought themselves a pool.  Alli said it was the perfect thing because I could just grab a magazine and sit on the patio and look at it and watch them if I don’t feel like going anywhere during treatments! Sounded like a good idea to me – However as we began to set it up, a storm blew in and it never got up.  Hopefully I will be feeling OK in the next few days to get it up for the kids.  Sitting on the patio watching the kids be happy sounds like a great way to spend the next few weeks!!

So, tomorrow starts the next chapter in the book of my life!  I have talked to people about it and they all have had different things to say.  Some say positive attitude is everything and others say that it is what it is and just do it and get it over with.  Still having a hard time getting the motivation to go meet this thing head on. Tomorrow we go IV method because I didn’t get in to have my port put in. So, I guess that is a little stressing for me. (the surgeon was out of town, so I get the power port next week)

I think it’s gonna be a long night, I’m really tired, but also don’t wanna go to bed.  Maybe if I don’t go to bed, I wont have to wake up tomorrow and go do this. Maybe that is the trick to waking up from this nightmare, never go to sleep, maybe I fell off the Earth and landed in opposite land!  Ok, silly I know, but hey it’s a last ditch effort to be sure this is actually happening, but wishing it wasn’t. Thanks to all of the people that have done so much for us already – the journey is unfortunately just beginning and I’m glad I can count on all of you for the long haul!  The journey to the known, but unknown is a difficult one. (for me anyway) I’m glad, if nothing else, I have a great team of family, friends and friends of friends in my corner to fight this!  I may need you all in some small way, if even for a continued prayer, or silent thought, knowing that you are out there and hoping for the best is comforting to me!

I found out who gave me the nickle, by the way!!  I am so happy to know who gave it to me!  Renee – THANK YOU – you are a very special little girl to me and you have helped me get ready to do this.  I have my special nickle all set and ready to go sit with me for the next 21 weeks and it has a special place at home so it doesn’t get lost between treatments!  After this is all over, I have a special place for that nickle to always remind me of the goodness in the world!  You are a great person Renee and again  THANK YOU!!

Well, I have had my 97 bottles of water for today and I guess I am ready for whatever this has to throw at me!

Good night all – sweet dreams (have a few for me)


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Last Modified: July 2, 2012

One comment on “D-Day is Tomorrow

  1. Jenn Reed

    The only thing I can think of to cheer you up is to come over and jump in that pool naked, it is so hot! Please rest after treatment don’t exhaust yourself. Or maybe i should be more realistic and say at least wait til the sun goes down, crazy lady!