Well, it’s Thursday night and I am trying to get all my laundry done and the house reasonably cleaned up so I can get ready for Monday.  I can not seem to get myself ready for this!  I know I keep comparing this time to the last time, but I can’t help it.  Last time I remember being all full of something, ready to get it started so it would end.  This time I can’t seem to get myself ready to start.  I have to get out of this funk, I believe that attitude is everything and the one I got right now isn’t going to go well with battery acid!! I know there is never a good time for something like this, but dang it, this is really NOT a good time.  Life is really happy busy and I don’t want to miss anything!  The negative stuff is just over taking my sense of kick butt!  I feel like I am surrendering to this and it hasn’t even began!  Perhaps the feeling of it has already won since it came back is part of it!  Help me get out of this world of negative – and help me quick!!  I keep thinking about my kids and all the things I will get to do with them because of this, but then I go immediately to the stuff I could potentially miss!  UUGH!!!

So one of my very dear friends and neighbors was out in the neighborhood and talked to a family that lives on the street around the corner, she was telling them my story and their little girl gave her a nickle and said she wanted to help us out!  I was so touched that I took a pink sharpie and drew a pink ribbon on the front of it and I will be carrying it with me to each and every treatment!  Maybe that will be my constant reminder of whats waiting at the end of all this – happiness and the joy of helping others! Funny thing is that I don’t even know who the little girl is that gave me the nickle, but whoever she is, I hope she knows how very special she is!

Well, there are only 3 days left of freedom – what to do, what to do?!?

To my friend Stacey who offered to pinch me and wake me up – PLEASE – now would be a good time for that!!!

Till later-


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Last Modified: June 28, 2012