Well,they tell me the worst is over and that if I just hang on for 12 more weeks it will ALL be over! Anyone else think that sucks?  I start my every week for the net 12 weeks tomorrow!  Doc says it’s going to be easier than what I have gone through thus far, however, I am still thinking that doing nothing would really be the easiest thing there is! No more haz-mat suits though!  Not sure if I posted this in previous posts so if I did – sorry – if not – it’s just something I think I should tell you because we were talking about it last night!  So, for my first 4 treatments one of the drugs had to be administered via a “push” meaning not through my IV.  So when I got it the nurse would come into the room wearing a FULL haz-mat suit!!  So when I commented on that she said that it was some pretty powerful drugs and she can’t risk getting them on her as it could eat her skin and some other random nasty things.  Sort of made my brain go HUMMMMM and you are going to “push” that INTO my body – just doesn’t seem right does it?! Well that is in the past now – on to other things.

I went in for my heart scan Friday and same as last time my heart is actually stronger now than it was before treatment!  Crazy, but consistent with 2008. While I was there I stopped in to see my oncologist because my left foot swelled up and I developed a nasty cough and  runny nose and thought he should be made aware.  Come to find out that the haz-mat drug causes a condition that makes your hand and feet swell up and you get a cold!  REALLY?!?!  The doc was surprised that it happened after my last treatment not sooner, but hey, that’s how I roll!  I hope it goes away soon as I can’t stand it.

We have been working very hard to get Tammy’s Friends up and running and get the exposure out there so I want to thank those of you that have made donations and filled out volunteer forms and helped us get some exposure.  We really appreciate it as we really want to make a difference in peoples lives that have been effected like we have. Tammysfriends is a legal non profit organization but very, very shortly it will be an official 501C3.

So, tomorrow starts the next chapter in this second installment of what has become my life with cancer!


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Last Modified: August 28, 2012