Met with surgeon today.  He said there is good news and there is some questionable news.  Good news, PET scan showed all contained in one area for now! That is the good news part.  The questionable news is that he said it may be in a location that will prevent him from being able to remove it.  I guess there are things like nerves, veins and arteries there that you just can’t mess with.  He wont know till he gets in there if he can get it out or not.  Not sure what will happen if he can’t.  I said I will just keep it and name it “george.” He also said that we can’t do radiation because it was the same place I had radiation done before.  When I asked why we can’t do it again there he said…. are you ready for this…might wanna sit down…. cause radiating the same area more than once causes a higher risk of cancer in that area!  HUH?!?!?!?! Isn’t it already there, hence the question of radiation? But, OK, I am not a doctor and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night so what do I know?

I go for surgery on Thursday, don’t have a time yet, wont until Wednesday but the office told me it would probably be late morning.  The doc said that it’s a fairly simple process.  He said surgery itself would only take about 45 minutes then I get to go home and could drive and everything the next day. But again, that is if he can get it out. Good thing cause Jenna has a meet on Friday and Saturday and I am not missing it!! He will take the tissue around what he takes out and have it all tested and go from there.

My oncologist says that I will probably have to have another round of Chemo – again, until the doc gets it out or decides he can’t get it out I am not sure what will happen. So here we sit in the unknown again!

Just wanted to get anyone that wanted updates, the info – please if you know anyone that wants to know what is going on, please direct them to this blog so you don’t have to answer questions.  There is also a recommend button that will go to FB so you can do that for friends that may be interested.

Thanks again for the prayers and support – keep them coming I will need them to be in the surgeon’s hands next week!


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  1. Jenn Reed

    Where are you having the surgery?