Well, Roxy has made it through her first 12 weeks of chemo. This last round was rough. She was really sick for the first few days and still has some lasting nausea and acid reflux. Luckily we found a drug combination that helped her feel better for the last 3 days of chemo. Now we know and can start with it every time so she won’t be so sick again.
The good news is that she has been amazing since she has been home. She has been up and walking around the house, getting dressed, playing, sitting outside – sometimes you can’t even tell that anything is wrong with her. It’s amazing.
Tomorrow we go back to the Clinic for a long day. We meet with the radiation doctor in the morning just for a follow-up appointment. Roxy and I are really looking forward to seeing our favorite radiation nurse. We’ve missed her. After that, we head to the Oncology Clinic to have blood drawn. Roxy had a red blood cell transfusion before we left the hospital yesterday, so we are hopeful that she won’t need another one yet. Then we go for an MRI. This is the first MRI she has had since her initial one at Hillcrest which was what helped diagnose her. It’s going to be interesting to see how the tumor has changed with radiation and chemotherapy. I’m hopeful, but nervous. Roxy is excited because she has to be put to sleep for the MRI and she loves anesthesia (ha ha)! After that it’s back to the Oncology Clinic to get some preliminary results from the MRI. We won’t know a lot, but we will have some idea of how the tumor has reacted. At that point, the team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, surgeons, and oncologists will get back together and decide whether or not surgery would be helpful at this point. When I talked to her oncologist last week, he said that he didn’t think they would do surgery, but he couldn’t be sure until they looked at the MRI. He said that the progress she has made is a pretty good indication that the chemo and radiation have worked. I don’t really know what to think about surgery. Part of me wants them to go in and take it out so it’s gone, but the other part of me knows that it could be a long surgery with a difficult recovery and I wouldn’t want Roxy to go through that.
If they don’t do surgery (which is what we are assuming), we have this week and next week off and then it’s back to more chemo. This time 22 weeks of it. It’s going to be a long road, but it’s a little easier when we can see how much better Roxy is getting. It’s a little bit of a reward for everything she’s going through. If they do surgery, we won’t start the 22 weeks of chemo until she has recovered from the surgery.
Hopefully we can be home for these 2 weeks with no fevers. The last time she had the 5 day chemo we ended up back in the hospital twice. I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen again. I’m trying to be super diligent about keeping germs away, but there is only so much I can do. So, we do what we can and then say a prayer and cross our fingers.
Thanks again to everyone for your continued help and support.