Back to the hospital tomorrow for another round of chemo. This one is 5 days, so we won’t be home until Monday. We are all dreading going back. It won’t be that bad, but I think we will always dread the 5 day chemo stays. I cooked some food to take with us. I’m hoping that we can get her to eat while we’re there. She has definitely been a great eater at home. Thank goodness we have a meal train for us because I spend most of the day cooking food for Roxy. I don’t know how long Scott, Brie, and I could survive on frozen pizza.
I broke down and told Roxy that she was going to lose her hair today. We had hoped to wait until after her birthday, but it’s already thinning out a lot. Also, through everything, Roxy has asked us to be honest with her. She doesn’t want any whispers behind her back. She wants to know everything. I really respect and admire that about her. It was tearing me up inside to hide something from her. So, I told her and … she took it like a champ. Once I told her that it would grow back, she was fine. She is actually excited about buying funky wigs to wear. When I was explaining it, I told her that Miss Tammy didn’t have hair last summer because she was going through the same thing. She said “really – she didn’t have hair – I thought she just really liked hats.” Ha ha! Then she thought about it for a minute and said, “Well, Miss Tammy was here yesterday and she has hair now, so it must grow back.” Thank goodness. I was so worried about telling her. I’m so glad that it didn’t crush her; and, as always, I’m amazed by how strong and brave she is.
I think Roxy’s hospital birthday is actually going to be ok. My mom went out today and bought streamers and a banner. Since Saturday night is my night at the hospital, I can get up early and decorate the room before she wakes up. My parents are bringing an ice cream cake to the hospital on Saturday, and we have an awesome birthday dinner of steak (her favorite) and pasta coming from District (a new restaurant downtown in the playhouse district – and owned by a great friend).
I think she will be excited about her gifts too. We got her a Pandora-type bracelet from Kay jewelers. It is the same as mine. We got her 2 cute charms from us and also one that says “best sis” from Brie. I know she is going to love it. Obviously, all of this is way more money than we should or would normally spend on her birthday, but when you are in the hospital getting chemo on your ninth birthday, I think you deserve some pretty special gifts.
Hoping for the best with the new round of chemo. We have been lucky with the side-effects so far. I’m hoping it continues the rest of this week.
Thank you to all of you for reading these blogs and praying for us. We are overwhelmed by all of the love and support.
Have a beautiful night.

4 comments on “Back we go

  1. Jeffrey and Franki Lucas

    Hey Roxy, Just want to let you know that we love you and are keeping you in our prayers. You are such a strong little girl and we are so proud to have you in our lives! Thank you Stacey for keeping us updated on roxies progress, know that you and Scott are also in our daily prayers. I pray God will wrap you all in His peace and love, and give you His strength.

  2. Jackie

    Roxy you are amazing and the strongest girl I have ever met (you must get that from your mom!) We love you!

  3. Paul & Judy Moroney

    Hey Rox, Everyone is so proud of you.! Your mom keeps us up to date and you wouldn’t believe the number of people cheering you on. We are all so proud of you and your mom and your whole family. It sure shows everyone how important family really is. just want you to know I’m proud to be a monkey’s uncle.(I mean your mommys uncle) Uncle Paul & Aunt Judy

  4. Tammy Shaffer

    Praying for ROXY !!!! And FAMILY !