White blood cell counts are back up so we get admitted tomorrow for another 5 day chemo treatment. We should come home Tuesday, but I’m hoping I can convince them to do her chemo in the morning so that we can leave Monday evening. That would be sooooo nice.
Obviously no one is looking forward to staying in the hospital for 5 days, but I think we’re getting better at it every time. Today I bought an electric cooler to keep in the hospital room. I love the nurses and PCNA’s, but I hate being at their mercy any time we need anything from the fridge. The kitchenette in the pediatric oncology ward is locked. They don’t mind if you bring food and drinks, but every time you need something, a nurse or PCNA has to get it for you. For some reason that just makes me crazy. I hate asking them for a juice box every 20 minutes. I also went to the grocery store and got some snack food and drinks to take with us. I made pancakes ahead of time (one of Roxy’s new favorite things to eat) and got a tip on some ballpark microwave burgers that she tried today and likes (thanks Mar). Hopefully she will be happier with some food to eat (that is one of her biggest complaints about being there).
We are also bringing a ton of craft activities, including Roxy’s new knitting loom. She makes knitted hats now. And we wrote down a TV schedule so we know when the shows are on that she likes (it’s amazing how dependent you become on the guide on the TV). I think we are definitely more prepared than we have ever been, so hopefully she’ll be able to stay busy and the days will go by a little faster.
Yesterday we had to take the day off of radiation. The burns on her back have gotten pretty bad. She has blisters all over. They gave us some great cream for burn victims and that seems to be helping a lot. She was able to have radiation today, so we’re just one day behind. As long as we don’t have to take another break, her last radiation will be Monday. I’m looking forward to not driving to Cleveland every day, but Roxy’s sad because she loves her radiation nurse and the nurse anesthetists so much. They are really amazing people and we will miss them.
If you think of anything funny over the next 5 days or if anything interesting happens to you, send it our way. We love to hear from people while we are in the hospital.
Thanks again for everything.

2 comments on “Back We Go!

  1. Mary and Tim Meiser

    Hey Roxanne
    Just wanted to stop in and say hi, sounds like you have a lot planned for your stay at the hospital. We will be up there next Wednesday, Tim has to see 2 different Drs. and bloodwork, so we will be there for a little while, but not as long as you. I think that it is neat that you are learning how to knit hats..that is awesome, mommy will have to post a picture of them so we can see how good you are at doing them. Well take care..we will talk soon!
    Tim and Mary Meiser…

    1. Dnyany

      “avan vilaiyaadum villlaattukkayiaeppozhuthum ‘perarul’irukkum” enrumsollalaame.pazhaththaik kottai vittathupol poikkobam kaatti nadiththu gnaanappazhamaaga namathu pazhanikku vanthu ‘deraa’adichchathu avan thamizharukkaaga seitha perum “perarul” allavaa?