Well it’s day 5 and we’re still in the hospital with no idea when we will actually get out of here. I guess I should explain why we are here for those of you who didn’t see my Facebook posts.
We came into the clinic on Friday for a normal appointment (blood work and possible transfusions). When they did Roxy’s vitals, she had a temp of 101. When kids going through chemo have a fever and low blood counts, they are admitted to the hospital. They tested Roxy’s blood and her white count was basically nonexistent, so she was admitted. They started her on a broad spectrum antibiotic and ran blood cultures. She also needed blood and platelets. The good thing is that she hasn’t had a fever since Friday and her blood cultures were negative. The bad thing is that we are STILL HERE! Unfortunately, it isn’t safe for Roxy to leave until her white counts come up. She’s still getting IV antibiotics and they won’t stop those until her body can fight infection itself. They specifically look at a number called the ANC which measures the actual antibodies in the blood. Right now, Roxy has so few that they can’t even measure them. She needs to have an ANC of .2 for two days in order to leave. So, we are definitely here tomorrow and possibly Friday. This is the longest we have been in the hospital since this all started and it’s so frustrating. Roxy’s mood has been good and she feels fine, but she hasn’t been eating or drinking anything (she is really stubborn about eating and drinking while she’s here – I think it’s her way of rebelling and controlling something). We are working on that and trying to stay busy, but it’s so hard. Being stuck in this room for so many days is pretty miserable. Being apart is also really hard. Roxy misses Brie so much. My mom brought her up for a visit today and Roxy cried when she left. I miss Brie a ton too. Until this started, I had never spent the night away from either one of my girls. It’s so hard to be away from either of them. No matter where I am, I’m missing one of them. And since we trade places, Scott and I have spent a total of 20 minutes together since Friday. All of that time was spent exchanging important information about the kids. Sorry to complain, but it’s really tough.
We are getting close to the end of all this and we try to take comfort in that. Roxy has 2 more in-patient chemos – one five day and one overnight – so we can see the light, but the longer we stay here for an infection, the dimmer that light gets. Because her counts are so slow to recover, two more chemos could take two more months – it’s hard to say. But for now, we wait for counts to come back up and go from there.
As always, thanks to all of you for the thoughts and prayers. Love,

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  1. robin carlson

    You guys hang in there, we are all rooting for you at Hale Rd. Spring is just around the corner and I have a feeling Roxy will be striving by then…she is such a trooper (you all are) My step-moms niece had leukemia when she was 5. she is now 16 and I still remember what a bumpy road it was for everyone but the end result was amazing…she has been cancer free for 6 years and is now 16 and all of a teenager. As hard as it is just keep looking forward. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hale Rd. hasn’t been the same since Roxy got sick we miss her!