So I made it through another marathon treatment today! it’s like I have a part time job getting chemo!  We got there at 9:45 am and left at 4:145 PM – really?! They pump me full of Benedryl for this stuff due to the high probability of allergic reaction so really I sleep about 20 minutes into it, nothing like a drug induced nap.  All things considered, it went pretty well and so far I’m not feeling bad, just really tired and a little achy.

I really want to thank my friend Jenn for taking me today and hanging out with me!  You are a great buddy and not many people would give up there day off to spend it doing the most boring thing I could possibly think of!  Next time it’s mannies and peddies and more food!  Thanks for lunch – John ate some of my leftovers and decided he really liked PF Changs and would like to come with us next time that is on the menu! LOL Really, thanks for all you have done for us- Love You!!

God Bless and Sunshine and roses from here on out-


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Last Modified: August 28, 2012