Monday was the last of the “harsh” stuff! It really kicked my butt this time, but knowing that part is over will get me through it.  I start every week in two weeks, good news is no shots in the stomach anymore (on Tue.), a little lesser dose of chemo – bad news – every Monday for 12 weeks I have to go! Hopefully I will be able to tolerate it a little better and it wont knock me out for the whole time. I am planning on having a real thanksgiving dinner with chairs and food for the family!!  Getting my tattoo the week of November 12th and my life will begin again! I can do this, I have goals, friends and family and a support group of people that will make sure I do this!  I love you all for what you have done and continue to do for me and my family – we really appreciate it and couldn’t get through this without you! Thanks can’t be said enough for the meals that have come at the perfect times and the prayers that continue to come and are so appreciated! If I have a pan of yours, I will get it back to you as soon as possible!

Friday August 24th I go for my MUGA scan to make sure my heart is OK to start the next phase of chemo.  I think it should be alright, but hey a little more radiation never hurt anyone right?  I will be getting herceptin in the next round of chemo (that is also the drug I will probably get for the rest of my life) and they need to make sure my heart is in good condition to handle it before they start it.  My heart handled it last time just fine so we are not anticipating any issues this time.

Thanks again for everything from everyone and I am about done for the night so chat later-


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One comment on “4 Down and 12 to Go

  1. Donna Salvadore

    *These weeks will fly like the rest of the year. Hang in there and keep kickin butt!! Love you!