Hey all,

Well, I will say this has been a rough road for us!!  Between the chemo being totally different than last time and all the other things that can stress a person out, we have been hit with it all!  However, we are managing to get through it all.  Last treatment I found myself sick and so tired I couldn’t even walk 10 feet without a need for a break.  This time, we managed meds a little different and while I am really tired, my stomach has been a little more cooperative.  I can handle tired, who doesn’t love a nap?  The chemo brain has officially set in and remembering my name is getting a little more difficult, but hey I do the best I can.

The doc says that the next set of chemo (the stuff I have to have every week) wont be as harsh as this stuff is.  I guess this is the big time battery acid and I only have 2 more of those to go!  Maybe the next set will be a walk in the park.

My hair started falling out yesterday.  I can honestly say that is the sucky part of all this. For a couple reasons: 1) when your hair falls out people can’t help but wonder if you did it on purpose of if there is something wrong with you.  Then you notice the looks and the comments as you walk by people.  I don’t mind it, but I hate it for the kids! Then the topic of conversation changes when you are around and people start to walk on egg shells like they don’t know how to talk to you anymore. 2) It really drives home that you have cancer!  Not many other reasons a person looses their hair! Not sure which of those I hate more!  I know we are breaking out the hats and trying to do what we can, but I think it’s just gonna have to go and again I will start hoping to be a curly red head this time around!!

There are really so many sucky parts to this that I can’t even verbalize all of them!  I have learned a lot about people during this, some of it I like and some of it I don’t, some of it really confuses me!  I have found that I have so many friends that care about just me and my family and nothing else.  It’s not what else I have or don’t have, just making sure we are OK.  I get messages from people just to say HI and let me know they are still praying for us.  I think there is no better feeling to get me through this than knowing that those people are out there and on our side.  So thanks to all of you that are truly on our side – we appreciate it and will get through this!


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Last Modified: July 19, 2012

One comment on “2 Down and 14 to go

  1. Donna Salvadore

    Of course you’ll get through this! What other choice do you have? Also so glad to hear that the second round won’t be so crappy! Red and curly? Not a chance! Love to you all!