Tammys Friends

First come the tears, then the anger, then comes the questions, then comes the tears again – then you realize that a doctor just told you that you have cancer for a second time and your life is going to change again, then you’re numb… Tammy Guinan

A charity that works hand in hand with those in need, on the ground floor of giving


Touching the lives, in a positive way, of young families affected by life altering medical hardship

TammysFriends helps young families in crisis in any way we can ~ during their time of need. When a young family has a sick child or parent the emotional, economical, and everyday stresses are often times to much to bare alone. That’s where we (and you) can help so much! We help with meals, lawn work or any of life’s daily tasks that need to be done ~ including sometimes a shoulder to lean on. Financial burdens can be very tough to maintain while a family is trying to weather the storm of a serious illness. Please consider donating your time – your talents – or perhaps making a monetary donation. You will be helping people in need in a real and tangible way.

 Tammysfriends is more committed than ever to helping families in need РWe can not do it alone, we need your help!

donations can be made in person or by mail or through our pay-pal donation:

Help Roxy and her family

Tammy’s Friends is currently helping a family who’s 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Her chemo and treatment is going to last over a year and the family will be facing many challenging times along the way. They are in need of any help you can give – from financial to prayers – as well as everyday things.

Roxy's Story

Roxy’s Story
Roxy and little sis